How many oz's are  in each bundle? 
There are 3.5 to 4 oz in each bundle.

What colors does this hair come in?
1b...... Off black natural black (donor natural color)


Can I  dye or bleached the hair?   Yes. (Please take to your professional stylist.)


Can I straighten the hair? Yes.

Does this hair tangle or sheds? 
No this hair does not tangle or shed, if weft is cut you will experience some lite shedding.  This hair can be used up to one year, so treat it like it's your own hair!


Can I go swimming? 

We would suggest putting your hair in a protective style to keep the hair from tangling.  

Be sure to wash and condition the hair after swimming.


How can I get my hair to return to it's natural curl pattern? 

Wet your extensions and it will retract back to it's natural state. Excessive

heat will make the process harder to return to the curl pattern and can cause heat damage to the ends.


How do I maintain my hair? 


Pre-Installation Instructions:  

1. Co-wash hair using moisturizing conditioner.    

2. Rinse using cold water.    

3. Let hair air dry.    

4. Install. 


Post-Installation Instructions: 

1. Regularly shampoo and condition hair with sulfate-free products.   

2. Keep styling products to a minimum to avoid weighing down your hair.     

3. When hair is wet, comb/brush through with a plastic paddle brush.

4. Minimum amount of heat will ensure the longevity/lifetime of your hair.

5. Always comb/brush hair from the ends to your scalp.

6. Avoid alcohol based products.

7. Always remember  to tie your hair up at night?


How long do it take to recieve my order.

Your order will be mail out on the 7th business day. Signutare will be required 


Do to fedural law all sales are Final no cash refunds. Exchanges can be made to untouch hair within 7 days of purchase.