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How to make a custom wig using a sewing machine

  • 10Days
  • 17Steps
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You will learn step by step how to construct a custom wig using a lace closure or frontal by sewing machine. This course is broken down in 5 easy sections. Because my course is completely online you choose your start date, whether its today or next month you are in control. You will access to this course for 10 days this way you can learn at your own pace and go over any sections as many times as needed. At the end of my course you will have knowledge and confidence to make completely glue-less wigs. Tools Needed: Sewing Machine Scissors Bundles Closure or Frontal Elastic band and combs Wig Cap Stick pins When selecting a sewing machine please keep in mind that we are using hair and you would need to select a model that handle a heavy stitch. I started with Singer (heavy duty) it great for beginner. I have a cap kit on my page which included cap, band and combs but all items can also be found on Amazon. Now let get stated.......

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