Willena specialize in healthy hair, a sheer master at her craft.  Her artistic vision allows her to pull the Diva out in each and every client, with her precession cutting skills and a impeccable eye for detail, heads are sure to turn.  She is always on top  of the latest techniques and trends, with over 15 years of experience, she still continues to improve her skills, through various training.
 After a hard year of going through many different hair supplier, Willena lanch her own hair line (The KurlBounce Collection).
She personally put this hair through every test you can think, as she fully understand how important it really to have quailty extenison and at afforable prices.   She want nothing but the best for her clients. 

Although hair extensions is one her top crafts, healthy hair at all time is her true passion.  Her main goal is not only to make  her clients look and feel beautiful , but also educate them how to maintain healthy hair.

"Beautiful Sexy hair is my goal, but healthy hair is my passion."